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on 08/24/2014 - 08:21 am

The day of a bride’s wedding is certainly a big deal, and she is going to want to capture every single moment, possibly from the moment she awakes (or close to it anyways), to the moment she takes off with her now husband. In order to start the day off right, be sure to get a picture of the dress in its entirety, before the bride has put it on. Then you can see both its elegance on the hangar, and the beauty it transforms into on the bride herself. A picture such as the one above is certainly a precious moment to have with the flower girl as well.







Typically, the hair is done first, including the veil. While having pictures of the process of getting the bride’s hair done are excellent photograph opportunities, ones such as this also help show the emotion and beauty of the bride as she continues in her process of getting ready.



As the dress is being donned, the bride will have several assisting her in making sure every last piece is in the perfect place. Some dresses require being laced up, while others, such as the one above, and need to make sure every element on the dress is still right where it should be. This is a picture typically taken with all of the bridesmaids, showing how they have always been there to help the bride.



Don’t forget to capture every moment of getting ready, including placing all the jewelry and having the makeup done. Much of the bride’s family will be assisting in helping her get ready, so it’s important to show how much support she had for her to remember as she reminisces through her wedding photographs.



A few final touches, such as the placing of the veil if it was not part of the hair appointment, are excellent moments to capture with the father of the bride, or her mother. These sweet moments will be remembered for a long time to come, and definitely need to be captured.



Make sure to get a sweet moment like the one above with the bride’s mother.



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Or a lovely group shot like the one above where all of the flower girls, bridesmaids, and  possibly the bride’s mother are there to double check everything is perfect before she walks down the aisle to see her groom for the first time that day.



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