Rainy Day Weddings

Is your big day scheduled for fall or winter? Have you considered a chance of rain in your big day? I know couple of brides who are getting married soon next month in March, when I asked them about it  their response were kind of same.

They were both wishing a nice sunny day for their wedding day ! The truth is brides to be are anxious about weather conditions. We agree that on top of all wedding planning process adding another stress on top of it could be very frustrating! But to be honest with you rain is nothing to be afraid about! Raining on your big day is considered a GOOD LUCK, and on top of that it adds beautiful layer of joy on your wedding day.

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30 Gorgeous Wedding Gowns

There are many things that catches attention in any wedding , however, wedding gown is one of those elements that catches everyone’s attention, because all the eyes are on the bride ! If you are getting married soon, check out these stunning bridal gown collections designed by famous designers such as Krikor Jabotian , Berta , Amelia Sposa , Michael Cinco , Nurit Hen , Zoong Studio , and Riki Dalal .
These brands offer gowns that you just can’t take your eyes off of. Thanks to PraiseWedding.com for collecting such a beautiful collection.

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30 Heart Touching & Romantic Engagement Photos

There are lots of professional wedding photographers out there and most of them are capturing beautiful moments. However, capturing romance is something that not every photographer can do.

Have you ever seen heart melting and sweet interaction between some couples? The ones that make your heart melt right away and say “Awwhh, How lovely ?” This is the kind of love and romance we are talking about.

Capturing those moments in wedding photography is something that we rarely see nowadays. In order to accomplish such photos, couples should be in their own world with no acting and no posing and should leave the rest to their professional photographer to take such moments. Here ar ...

Harsashen.com Product Updates

We would like to start off by saying thank you to all those who supported us during past three years.  We established harsashen.com on March 1 of 2011, during these 3 years we have worked constantly to improve our website by adding more features, and functionalities. Moreover, we tried to make the user experience as painless as possible by constant design and layout improvements. To make the website accessible more easily we even established our very own iPhone & iPad Apps.

Today we would like to go through some major product updates, useful features, and new vendor promotion options that we recently re-structured.

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