Most Amazing Short Wedding Gowns

on 01/18/2014 - 12:44 pm

We have always seen brides wearing long wedding gowns. Recently, short wedding gowns and dresses have become a new fashion & trend. If the wedding is outdoors and in the summer time, short wedding gowns are even better, because it would match with the season and theme of the wedding.

Short gowns are not only sexy, stylish, and elegant, they are also very comfortable to wear, and it’s much easier for brides to walk, run, and dance. Here are some of the most beautiful short wedding gowns that were featured on We simply couldn’t resist not featuring them as well.

Enjoy these, sexy, romantic, elegant, and stylish wedding gowns designed by famous gown designers in the market.



Credits (from top left): Dearte / Saran Seven / Alena Goretskaya / Agnes Bridal Dreams / Colet / Joe Challita / Dearte



Credits (from top left): Pallas Couture / Hayley Paige / Leah Da Gloria / Pallas Couture




short wedding gowns

Credits (from top left): Leila Hafzi / Ian Stuart / Hayley Paige / Jorge Terra / Elihav Sasson


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