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Wedding Dresses Made From Lace

Choosing a wedding dress made from fine lace is an excellent decision.  Not only because it is a long-standing traditional choice in the first place, but because lace will give you an elegant and extremely feminine look.  This is true no matter what kind of a theme your wedding will have.  This is particularly true if the theme is more of a romantic one.  Lace dresses can be made whether your wedding theme will be of an old-fashioned nature, or a more modern style.  Choosing a dress made from lace will assure that you will look absolutely stunning in your wedding photographs.

For a complete array of lace dress style choices, look on your Internet search engines.& ...

The Bride’s Beauty on Her Wedding Day—Photography Solutions

The day of a bride’s wedding is certainly a big deal, and she is going to want to capture every single moment, possibly from the moment she awakes (or close to it anyways), to the moment she takes off with her now husband. In order to start the day off right, be sure to get a picture of the dress in its entirety, before the bride has put it on. Then you can see both its elegance on the hangar, and the beauty it transforms into on the bride herself. A picture such as the one above is certainly a precious moment to have with the flower girl as well.


Typically, the hair is done first, including the veil. While having pictures of the pro ...

Don’t Forget the Fun and Joy on the Wedding Day

Many wedding photographers concentrate a lot on the emotion and the beauty of the wedding day, but you cannot forget that is also one of the most joyous days you will have had in your lifetime up to this point. Rather than concentrating on the few tears shed by parents and grandparents, be sure to capture their moments of laughter and happiness as well. The parents and grandparents are not shedding tears because of sadness, but because of how happy and overjoyed they are for the soon to be newlyweds.


The moments of joy you may want to concentrate on are definitely those between the bride and groom themselves. The groom has waited a long time to fi ...

Capturing the Father-Daughter and Father-Son Love on the Wedding Day

The wedding day is one of intense emotions, especially between the father and his lovely daughter. Many say that a father is a daughter’s first true love. Considering the groom typically asks the father’s permission before proposing, it means that the bride asks for her father’s opinion before going through with the marriage. With all of this, the wedding day may be hardest for the father after all, making those moments especially precious to capture.


One of the hardest parts of the ceremony for the father is going to be when he officially gives away the bride. Capturing this moment, like in the image above, helps the bride reali ...

Creating The Perfect Wedding Day

Weddings are beautiful. They are filled with unique and classic options of themes, gowns, and even cake. But, lets be honest- it is extremely stressful. However, it doesn’t always have to be this way. We expect you to be happy and calm on your special day, so why can’t you? 



Days, weeks, months, and even years in advance you should have your wedding day planned. There is a reason why brides have a date set right after their proposal, to ensure that special day is exactly what they expect. Be sure to research the perfect place, reserve your date, choose your bridesmaids and grooms, cake, decorations, theme ...

30 Gorgeous Wedding Gowns

There are many things that catches attention in any wedding , however, wedding gown is one of those elements that catches everyone’s attention, because all the eyes are on the bride ! If you are getting married soon, check out these stunning bridal gown collections designed by famous designers such as Krikor Jabotian , Berta , Amelia Sposa , Michael Cinco , Nurit Hen , Zoong Studio , and Riki Dalal .
These brands offer gowns that you just can’t take your eyes off of. Thanks to PraiseWedding.com for collecting such a beautiful collection.

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2014 Elegant Wedding Gowns

We love wedding gowns & we know you do too ! Here are some amazing inspirational bridal gowns that we think are unique and outstanding.

2014 bridal gown shows brought some new ideas and fresh designs. Following five categories of designs come from famous designers such as Sareh Nouri, Rosa Clara, Charlotte Balbier, Claire Pettibone, and Sarah Seven . Each of these designers has used a unique creativity to design these unique dresses.

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Most Amazing Short Wedding Gowns

We have always seen brides wearing long wedding gowns. Recently, short wedding gowns and dresses have become a new fashion & trend. If the wedding is outdoors and in the summer time, short wedding gowns are even better, because it would match with the season and theme of the wedding.

Short gowns are not only sexy, stylish, and elegant, they are also very comfortable to wear, and it’s much easier for brides to walk, run, and dance. Here are some of the most beautiful short wedding gowns that were featured on praisewedding.com. We simply couldn’t resist not featuring them as well.

Enjoy these, sexy, romantic, elegant, and stylish wedding gowns designed by famous gown des ...


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