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Wedding Hair Styles

What could possibly be a more important element of your wedding look than your hairstyle?  The answer to this question is - nothing!  Your hairstyle is your most important feature, next to your dress.  A really fine wedding hairstyle will actually compliment your dress.  Let us say that typically you love to wear your hair down.  However you know that you will want to look very special on your wedding day.  You also want to expose your face properly for your wedding photographs.  There are several hairstyle designs you can wear that are half-up and half-down at the same time. You can also select from numerous hair accessories to accentuate your hairstyle.&n ...

Creating The Perfect Wedding Day

Weddings are beautiful. They are filled with unique and classic options of themes, gowns, and even cake. But, lets be honest- it is extremely stressful. However, it doesn’t always have to be this way. We expect you to be happy and calm on your special day, so why can’t you? 



Days, weeks, months, and even years in advance you should have your wedding day planned. There is a reason why brides have a date set right after their proposal, to ensure that special day is exactly what they expect. Be sure to research the perfect place, reserve your date, choose your bridesmaids and grooms, cake, decorations, theme ...

Ruffle Style Wedding Theme

Are you getting married in 2014?  Are you in the middle of wedding planning? Are you thinking about trying something that impress your guests and not sure where to start? Well this blog post is for you.

Below are beautiful collection of ruffle style wedding themes that are seen in PraiseWedding.com , Ruffles are adding a beautiful sensation to any wedding , whether it is a wedding dress, stationary, wedding cakes, flowers or anything else, this unique style makes any wedding unforgettable.

Praise wedding has done an amazing job gathering these unique and romantic wedding themes that fit in this category. Sit back and enjoy these lovely pictures!

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Harsashen.com Product Updates

We would like to start off by saying thank you to all those who supported us during past three years.  We established harsashen.com on March 1 of 2011, during these 3 years we have worked constantly to improve our website by adding more features, and functionalities. Moreover, we tried to make the user experience as painless as possible by constant design and layout improvements. To make the website accessible more easily we even established our very own iPhone & iPad Apps.

Today we would like to go through some major product updates, useful features, and new vendor promotion options that we recently re-structured.

As many of you already know, Harsashen.com is an extensive wed ...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

May the Christmas bells accomplish your worth of living by fulfilling your dreams.  May all your wishes and dreams turn into reality! May the spirit of Christmas bring you love, the pleasure of Christmas give you hope, the warmth of Christmas award you peace. I wish a wish for you that all your Christmas wishes comes true!

Let us make Christmas a time of rejoicing and celebration, a time to share the marvelous truth that Almighty God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to redeem the world! May the joy of that knowledge be with each of us this Christmas season and throughout the coming year.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !
Arbi Haftavani


Wedding Dance Floor Ideas

We have come across a list of beautiful wedding dance floors from Belle the Magazine Website and we wanted to share it with you. Wedding dance floor dosn't seem important but in fact it is! When you are booking your venue make sure to pay attention to the details of dance floor. 
Enjoy these 19 dance floors !



Illuminated Dance Floor

Out-of-the-box Shapes

Light Pattern Dance Floors

Monogramed Dance Floors


Black and White

Tented Dance Floor

Outdoor Setups

Hanging Decorations

Pool Cover

Clean and Simple

Pictures taken from Belle the Magazine

Harsashen's bridal magazine is now available (2nd issue)

We are very excited to announce that the 2nd issue of our bridal magazine is now available digitally and you can access it from all your digital devices (iPhones, iPads, tablets, smart phones, and PCs).
2nd issue of the magazine consists of unique DIY articles, real brides and their stories, bridal accessories and products, beauty and makeup, latest trends, honeymoon destinations and so much more. To access the magazine please go to subscription page and subscribe for free to read the magazine instantly.
We would like to thank everyone who directly or indirectly helped us so we can put together and publish the 2nd issue.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, ...

20 Beautiful Wedding Photos That Will Make You fall in love

We have gathered this  beautiful WOW collection of 20 stunning wedding photo shoot ideas by various professional photographers. Selected shots are unique and one of a kind. Check them out and enjoy.
1. Photo by Viktoria Haack

2. Photo by Ryan Brenizer

3. Photo by Jonathan Ryan

4. Photo by David Fernández

5. Photo by Katerina SOKOVA

6. Photo by Ryan Brenizer

7. Photo by Mecuro B Cotto

8. Photo by Jelena Jursina

9. Photo by SpbStudio Fotografico

10. Photo by Eduard Stelmakh

11. Photo by Ryan Brenizer

12. Photo by Yaroslav Belousov

13. Phot ...

23 Beautiful Wedding Centerpieces

We have come across a list of beautiful centerpieces and we wanted to share them with you. Here are 23 elegant flower centerpieces for your inspirations. Love any of these centerpieces? Simply checkout our vendors in the florist category, contact our florists and show the one you love for your any occasions! 23 amazing flowers with variety of colors, designs, and ideas, which one is your favorite?

















Your wedding in the next issue of bridal magazine

Submit your wedding or engagement day pictures for a chance to be featured on Harsashen’s next bridal magazine and to receive a generous gift card from Harsashen.com
We featured one wedding and one engagement on Harsashen’s first bridal magazine. If you still have not seen it, the digital version is available online at www.m.harsashen.com  . You can also receive the printed copy by subscribing here.

Submitting guidelines:

Choose about 15 professional photos that tell the story of your wedding or engagement day. Please submit pictures that show the details, we love to see details of your day (Banquet hall, your cake, invitations, favors, flowers, etc.) Also include ...


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