Don’t Forget the Fun and Joy on the Wedding Day

on 08/24/2014 - 07:58 am

Many wedding photographers concentrate a lot on the emotion and the beauty of the wedding day, but you cannot forget that is also one of the most joyous days you will have had in your lifetime up to this point. Rather than concentrating on the few tears shed by parents and grandparents, be sure to capture their moments of laughter and happiness as well. The parents and grandparents are not shedding tears because of sadness, but because of how happy and overjoyed they are for the soon to be newlyweds.






The moments of joy you may want to concentrate on are definitely those between the bride and groom themselves. The groom has waited a long time to finally see his bride at the beginning of the ceremony, and he may express his overwhelming happiness in a variety of ways, be it a fist pump as in the image above, or as an extra wide smile that he simply cannot seem to erase.



Others may consider a type of first look image, and have a bit too much fun with it, like the bride did above in where her groom is about to kiss a goat instead of her.



As previously stated, the ceremony is one of the times that emotion may be released quickly after such a long build-up. Once they are finally pronounced man and wife, the bride and groom are going to want to express their happiness.



Even during the reception, perhaps more so, the bride and groom will continue to show their joy and love for one another. Although, showing love right now may mean stuffing the groom’s face with cake – but be watching because the groom may get her back.



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Don’t forget, of course, that the bride and groom are not the only ones expressing their joy and happiness, so be watching for other members of the wedding party, and the guests, whose precious moments need to be captured for the memory books.