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Harsashen.com Product Updates

We would like to start off by saying thank you to all those who supported us during past three years.  We established harsashen.com on March 1 of 2011, during these 3 years we have worked constantly to improve our website by adding more features, and functionalities. Moreover, we tried to make the user experience as painless as possible by constant design and layout improvements. To make the website accessible more easily we even established our very own iPhone & iPad Apps.

Today we would like to go through some major product updates, useful features, and new vendor promotion options that we recently re-structured.

As many of you already know, Harsashen.com is an extensive wed ...

Personal Wedding Website & Why to Use It

Many soon to be married couples still don’t make a use of personal wedding websites. Some brides to be don’t see the need for it, and some brides just don’t want to go through the hassle of building one, or don’t want to spent thousands for having professional website designer build for them.

The truth is nowadays, you do not need to hire professional to design a nice looking wedding website for you. There are lot of free services that you can use to build your wedding website yourself, which is easy, fast, and professional. You can add pictures, videos, stories, direction to the church and to the wedding venue, add your story, online registry and all other informa ...

Velentine's Day Inspiration Boards

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we would like to showcase wedding elements that represents February 14, the day of love and romance.  Most of weddings that take place in a month of February are usually using a red or pink theme in some sort.
Following inspirational boards are gathered from various websites and will give you great ideas and inspirations for your February weddings. If you are getting married next month in February, these unique boards will give you ideas on how to make your February wedding more romantic.
From invitation cards to reception halls and bridesmaids dresses you can find something here that will inspire you.
Enjoy t ...

Kim Kardashian & Paris Wedding

So Kim Kardashian is talking about their wedding planning and the big day which will take place in Paris.

"He and I had never been there, so we just wanted a tour. And, of course, everyone thought we were picking that as our wedding place and all of that," Kardashian said. "We were just taking a tour. But we will be getting married this summer, hopefully in Paris. 
"When I said 'hopefully,' I didn't mean, like, 'hopefully' getting married I meant ‘hopefully' just this summer," Kim added. As for the actual planning part, Kim shared that Kanye is very involved in the process & he is very passionate about it
"I think we're both equally [interested]," Kim responded when ...

2014 Elegant Wedding Gowns

We love wedding gowns & we know you do too ! Here are some amazing inspirational bridal gowns that we think are unique and outstanding.

2014 bridal gown shows brought some new ideas and fresh designs. Following five categories of designs come from famous designers such as Sareh Nouri, Rosa Clara, Charlotte Balbier, Claire Pettibone, and Sarah Seven . Each of these designers has used a unique creativity to design these unique dresses.

We are going to feature more bridal gowns from other famous designers very soon in the next blog posts, so stay tuned, also make sure  to like us on Facebook, and meanwhile enjoy these amazing designs, and get inspired! We simply ...

Creative 3D wedding invitations

Aren’t you tired of same style wedding invitations that you probably have seen over hundred times? Don’t you want to add a bit of innovation to your wedding experience and consider invitations that would blow your guests mind and grab their attention right away?

Well, this post is for you then ! Surprise your friends, families, relatives, and guests by using innovative 3D wedding invitations. Still don’t know what we are talking about?

Check out these incredibly designed 3D wedding invitations to get inspired and get creative with your big day!

Make sure to like us on Facebook and let us know which one is your favorite! We are giving away exclusive giveaways in 201 ...

25 Adorable Flower Girls

Flower girls are cuteness of every wedding; they are usually between three and ten years old. In most cases younger flower girls (2-3 years old) are walking with their parents escorting them. Flower girls are usually dresses similar to bridesmaid or even the bride. However, this doesn’t have to be the case and the style can follow whatever the bride's choice is.
Usually flower girl baskets are matching with the overall theme. We have collected a list of beautiful, cute, and inspiring flower girls, captured by talented photographers.
We hope that these cute adorable little ladies delight your day and give you even better inspiration for your dreamy beautiful wedding da ...

20 Elegant Watercolor Cakes

Although not very common, watercolor cakes are one of the most romantic designs that you might one to consider for your wedding cake. Watercolors are a unique technique in a wedding cake design industry and gives romantic look and shape to cakes.
Watercolor cakes are usually perfect for simple brides who want to show creativity, and personality while using romantic theme for the overall wedding. These unique watercolor cakes are taken from an online magazine PraiseWedding.COM, and are beautiful inspirations for those brides to be, who want to be unique and different!

These lovely watercolor cakes will give you clear ideas if you ever decide to go with this unique style. Just make ...

Most Amazing Short Wedding Gowns

We have always seen brides wearing long wedding gowns. Recently, short wedding gowns and dresses have become a new fashion & trend. If the wedding is outdoors and in the summer time, short wedding gowns are even better, because it would match with the season and theme of the wedding.

Short gowns are not only sexy, stylish, and elegant, they are also very comfortable to wear, and it’s much easier for brides to walk, run, and dance. Here are some of the most beautiful short wedding gowns that were featured on praisewedding.com. We simply couldn’t resist not featuring them as well.

Enjoy these, sexy, romantic, elegant, and stylish wedding gowns designed by famous gown des ...

The most amazing marriage proposal goes viral with millions of hits

Proposal of Justin and Emily

The world’s most amazing marriage proposal that has ever gone viral with more than eight million views on YouTube.

Actor and director Justin Baldoni a famous star who played in more than 20 films and TV series such as CSI NY,  put his imaginative talents to good use in staging a sophisticated proposal that amazed not only his girl friend but also millions of people.

In this 27 minutes reality show He proposed to actress girlfriend Emily Foxler. he popped the question in the venue where they had their first date, the Blu Jam Cafe in Los Angeles. Watch the proposal here.




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