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Lego wedding inspiration

Even though it is not common, a Lego inspired wedding is an amusing and enjoyable way to get married.  Here are some cute ideas and pictures taken from different sources (mostly from Pinterest.com). Enjoy the pictures and a cute video made from Lego Wedding!

Please let us know what you think about unusual themed inspired weddings !












Lego Wedding Video

wedding ideas and inspiration that use Lego and Lego figures are taken from Pinterest



27 Elegant Wedding Fonts for DIY Projects

It’s very difficult to choose a script font when you are designing a formal wedding invitation or any formal wedding or engagement stationary. Usually there are several factors that need to be considered. What is necessarily important while looking for the best font for a wedding/engagement event? The scripted font should be beautiful and romantic and should be formal written with suitable and practical size for the invitations and stationeries related to it. The fonts should be fashionable and elegant and is perfect to use for a wedding ceremony.

Here we are featuring some elegant and beautiful wedding fonts that can be downloaded for free. These fonts are very useful and many prof ...

Nokia Lumia 920 Wedding Style Commercial

Microsoft really did a great job with their latest Wedding video. They have earned themselves a winner with their latest Nokia Lumia 920 'Switch' commercial. The Windows Phone advertisement shows a wedding ceremony with the bride and groom's family and friends using either Apple's iPhone or Samsung's Galaxy S3. Tensions developed and were insults and fists were flying.

Checkout this cool commercial bellow. 




Wedding Dance Floor Ideas

We have come across a list of beautiful wedding dance floors from Belle the Magazine Website and we wanted to share it with you. Wedding dance floor dosn't seem important but in fact it is! When you are booking your venue make sure to pay attention to the details of dance floor. 
Enjoy these 19 dance floors !



Illuminated Dance Floor

Out-of-the-box Shapes

Light Pattern Dance Floors

Monogramed Dance Floors


Black and White

Tented Dance Floor

Outdoor Setups

Hanging Decorations

Pool Cover

Clean and Simple

Pictures taken from Belle the Magazine


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