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Harsashen's bridal magazine is now available (2nd issue)

We are very excited to announce that the 2nd issue of our bridal magazine is now available digitally and you can access it from all your digital devices (iPhones, iPads, tablets, smart phones, and PCs).
2nd issue of the magazine consists of unique DIY articles, real brides and their stories, bridal accessories and products, beauty and makeup, latest trends, honeymoon destinations and so much more. To access the magazine please go to subscription page and subscribe for free to read the magazine instantly.
We would like to thank everyone who directly or indirectly helped us so we can put together and publish the 2nd issue.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, ...

20 Beautiful Wedding Photos That Will Make You fall in love

We have gathered this  beautiful WOW collection of 20 stunning wedding photo shoot ideas by various professional photographers. Selected shots are unique and one of a kind. Check them out and enjoy.
1. Photo by Viktoria Haack

2. Photo by Ryan Brenizer

3. Photo by Jonathan Ryan

4. Photo by David Fernández

5. Photo by Katerina SOKOVA

6. Photo by Ryan Brenizer

7. Photo by Mecuro B Cotto

8. Photo by Jelena Jursina

9. Photo by SpbStudio Fotografico

10. Photo by Eduard Stelmakh

11. Photo by Ryan Brenizer

12. Photo by Yaroslav Belousov

13. Phot ...


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