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Armenian Weddings in The Ottoman Empire

It was a traditional among Armenian parents to formulate their children for their wedding day from an early age on decades ago. The parents had an obligation to teach to their children different things such as crafts, which was an important pre-requisite for the future Armenian bride or groom. This tradition was well-maintained among Ottoman Armenians. According to genocide-museum.am “The young girls for instance were taught embroidery, needlework, sewing, dough kneading, bread baking etc., which were given importance to in the family and all these were considered as important prerequisites for a viable family and good upbringing of the children”
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Rainbow Wedding Cakes

Armenian wedding cakes are usually elegant, classic, and beautiful. We rarely see any Armenian wedding that involves rainbow colors. Here are some colorful rainbow wedding cake ideas for a fun and colorful rainbow weddings .
These type of wedding cakes should follow rainbow theme wedding style ! Checkout Rainbow wedding ideas on Harsashen.com to see fun weddings in this color combination !


Photos are from : Cakesforwedding.Net


Easter Is Just Around the Corner

Easter is just around the corner and with that in mind I want to share some ideas and inspirations from Easter weddings.
Colors such as yellow, green, red, and orange seem to be very exciting and popular for this time of a year, and weddings within this week should follow bright and Easter colors.

 Also when it comes to flowers, roses, peonies, tulips, daffodils, and amongst would fit very well.

Here are few ideas taken from other Easter weddings in the past and I thought it would be interesting for Harsashen readers!

 Thank you everyone and have a wonderful Easter weekend


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